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Because your people matter!

For companies who care about their people and their wellbeing

Show your team you care

Research has found that 29% of people run out of money before payday. We worry about money more than any other area of life. Employees are 12.4 times more likely not to be able to finish their daily tasks when worried about money.

Retain staff, save costs

Employees who worry about money are 1.5 times more likely to be looking for a new job. This raises the question of employee engagement in the workplace and further questions how happy and productive they are likely to be in their role.

Help them thrive

Research also shows that only 29% of employers would feel confident providing information and support to employees on matters such as budgeting. 27% feeling the same about pensions and planning for retirement. However, 35% of employees feel that they would benefit from some form of help from their employer.

Your partner for financial wellbeing

Online Workshops

Exclusive access to events and workshops with expert guests, covering everything from pensions & investing, to budgeting & bitcoin.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed engagement reports help you understand how your team are improving their wellbeing, while protecting employee privacy.

Account Management

You’ll benefit from a friendly and dedicated team, available whenever you needed to support your financial wellbeing strategy.

Talk With Me

Find out how we can work together to improve the financial wellbeing of your most important asset, your people.

Through tailored workshops we can not only show that you care but in doing so increase engagement and productivity.

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