Taking Control of Your Finances: The Importance of Financial Understanding

Taking control of your finances

Guest Blog in partnership with KLO Financial Services When preparing for the future, having the necessary personal finance skills and financial understanding will help you to ensure that your money is managed well. In this exclusive guest blog, our partner KLO Financial Services outlines why having good financial knowledge is important, and why you need […]

16 pension myths that could be costing you now

16 pension myths

A recent report found that 75% of people don’t feel that they know enough about pensions to make informed decisions. While we’re doing our best to explain things at PensionBee, we appreciate there’s a lot of ambiguity that still exists. So, with that in mind, we’re addressing some of the most common pension myths that we’ve come across. Read […]

3 tips to pay off debt now

3 tips to pay off debt now

If you’re experiencing the burden of debt, then this article will share 3 tips to pay off debt now. These are practical tips you can implement now. 1. Prioritise The first thing you need to do is understand what debt you owe. This begins by documenting everything that you owe. To help you with this, […]

New overdraft rules

Some new overdraft rules are coming into effect today. Overdrafts have long been a facility that accompanies your bank account. For some, it’s a way to fund short term financial gaps. For others, it’s a continual financial hole that can be difficult to escape. Last year, the Financial Conduct Authority announced that it would enforce […]

2 tips to build an emergency fund

2 tips to build an emergency fund

  Today, I am going to share 2 tips to build an emergency fund, but why? An emergency fund, sometimes called a sinking fund is a pot of money set aside for an emergency. An emergency could include a loss of income, boiler repair and or replacing or repairing a car. More than 16 million […]

10 ways to improve your credit score fast

improve your credit score

  How do you improve your credit score? After all your credit score is one of your biggest assets and crucial when applying for credit. This week, I am sharing 10 ways to improve your credit score fast.  1 – Check your report regularly Last week, I gave you links to where you can access […]

Understand your credit score better

    Your credit score is one of your most prized assets because, without it, you won’t be able to acquire credit when you need it. If you want to get on the property ladder, build a property empire, buy a car, get a personal loan, your credit score is your leverage. As a result, […]

The perfect budget in 4 steps

the perfect budget in 4 steps

Budgeting is a funny subject to approach and as necessary as it is, we never get taught this. For some people, it’s a negative concept with negative connotations. For others, it’s a powerful financial tool. So in this article, I am going to share how to create the perfect budget in 4 steps. Budgets are […]