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Money is a tool, life is for living

I'm here to demystify financial jargon and help you gain the education you need to live the life you want



Peter is a Financial Expert with over 15 years in financial services. Peters' journey is a triumph against the odds which has seen him go from foster care and being homeless to the executive team of a multinational Fortune 100 company in Canary Wharf. Peter is a qualified Financial Adviser, Mortgage Adviser and has held key roles at RBS, MetLife, St James Place and Investec Wealth & Investment. Peters' passion for financial education and his mission to demystify the world of investing has led him to create Conversation of Money, a multi platform channel with over a million viewers & listeners globally.

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Twice weekly videos where we break down complex financial concepts into easy to understand ideas that are relatable and actionable.

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Work with Individuals

Find out how 1:1 coaching and a financial review can help you take charge of your finances and your financial future. Our work with individuals has helped over 100 couples and individuals take control of their finances in 2021.

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Corporate Work

Find out how we can help you increase productivity, retain more staff and help your employees feel more financially secure and fulfilled. Our financial wellbeing workshops focus on practical tips and meaningful action plans that actually make a difference.

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Book me to speak at your workshop or conferences on topics such as; Improving Financial Wellbeing at home and in the workplace, Financial Education, Investing, how to stay safe whilst doing so and why financial freedom isn't just about money.

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If you are a brand passionate about having a positive impact on peoples financial journeys, I would love to hear from you. 

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