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Investing in the stock market can be confusing if you're a first time investor. Learn how to invest safely with our back to basics course.

  • Lifetime Access

  • 4 Chapters, 14 Lessons

  • 90 minute duration

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    Financial Review

    This is a check up for your finances. If you want to gain control of your finances this is the perfect place to start.

  • Budgeting 

  • Debt overview

  • Pension & Investments

  • Financial Guidance

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    Access expert coaching to help you take charge of your finances, set goals and become financially independent.

    • One-on-One support

    • Goal Setting & Planning

    • Ongoing Accountability 


    Watch us 

    The Conversation of Money YouTube channel breaks down complex financial concepts into easy to understand ideas that are relatable and actionable.

    The channel started in January 2020 and now has gained over 200,000 organic views, 3 million channel impressions, generated over 30,000 watch time hours and over 10,000 subscribers.


    Listen to us 

    The Conversation of Money Podcast is a weekly show that offers discussion and debate on all things money and finance. We cover a multitude of topics from how to be better with money, how to invest, cryptocurrencies, property investing, negotiating a better pay package and more

    Airing every Monday at 6 am, you can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Amazon Music to mention a few.


    What people are saying

    Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I've just recently started investing and your videos have really helped me to understand how it all works! 

    Eoin Rudkins

    Hi Pete, stumbled across your YouTube and I just want to say THANK YOU. Honestly, your videos are the only ones that have made the most sense to me so far, thorough and informative! Keep going! All the best

    Leona Awoyele

    Hi there, I found your YouTube channel and it’s so refreshing to see someone with an actual education speaking within a sea of nonsensical wannabes!

    Chloe Elizabeth


    We know that talking about your finances requires trust. Find out if we're the right fit.


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